My first trip to Scotland was back in 1972, during the autumn when the leaves were golden and the scenery magnificent.

After a gap of a few years I returned and have since been back again and again.

I have explored some wonderful regions with Speyside calling me to return more than once.

My springtime travels have taken me to The Isle of Mull, Handa Island, Lochinver in Sutherland as well as the area around the Cairngorms and the Findhorn Valley.

Of course, there are the views we all expect when we visit Scotland but there are other sights that for me have been breathtaking, and with the help of my camera I've managed to capture a few moments of time.

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                                                  Cairngorm and the River Spey 

                                               Early morning mist from Cairngorm 

                                                             Gorse and Moor 

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