My formative years were filled with reading about wildlife in some situation or other, fiction and fact from Jack London, through Henry Williamson to Joy Adamson. I watched nature programmes on TV, nature films at the cinema and having seen Born Free I would daydream about visiting Kenya with little hope I would ever set foot in the country that to me seemed so magical.

In November 2010 my dream became a reality and I spent ten days soaking up the sights and sounds of this wonderful country, capturing moments with my camera and storing away memories.

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        Great White Pelican

          Lake Naivasha

             Yellow Frog

        Kicheche Mara Camp

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             Maasai Guide

              Masai Mara


      Aitong Plain, Masai Mara

         Speckled Mousebird


             White Rhino

       Sanctuary, Aitong Plain