British Wildlife

Natural history has been a life-long interest of mine, but largely neglected until recent years. There were always too many other demands on my time, but now I make time and am discovering whole new worlds to explore and enjoy.

Birdwatching was the beginning of it all, which led on to more serious attention being paid to photography, which in turn led to my becoming more aware of the natural world and taking the time to really look and see.

Now I step out into my garden and am surrounded by creatures I have never noticed until recently, microscopic insects and bugs of all kinds, busily going about their lives.

Each night there are hedgehogs and foxes foraging whilst during the day the garden is full of birds, from Goldcrest to Sparrowhawk, from Wren to Crow.

All this, without even leaving my garden.

A few steps away and the rest of the natural world is out there for me to explore.

How lucky can a person be, with all that just waiting to be discovered?                                       

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