Toe in the water

Posted by Susan Robinson on Tuesday, February 22, 2011
So...I've decided to try writing (keeping?) a blog, though how it will develop, who knows?
I guess I'm feeling a bit fed up at yet more dismal weather, and with a precious day off tomorrow I'd hoped to get out with my cameras but - guess what? - the forecast is rain. Again. The winter seems to be dragging on and on.
Times like this I have to try and focus on the good things in my life and (wait for it) count my blessings.
Being at work the last few days has been okay - I don't mind when the weather's bad :). Sunday off turned into a super family get-together with P, my sons, daughters-in-law and four-month-old granddaughter so even the mist and damp didn't depress me. Even went out for a short walk with older son and his beautiful baby, despite the murk. I'd forgotten how, as the boys grew, I used to have to run to keep up (at six feet they each have 12 inches over me, with long legs and loping gait). Still, my Sunday walk was companionable, refreshing and...FAST!
P retreated to the study at times (not keen on babies)  but held up pretty well despite the focus on the junior family member (now, if she had been a puppy or kitten...LOL).
I was hoping to get photos of the family but there didn't seem to be a good opportunity and the light was appalling. I just sat back, enjoyed watching them all together and let the boys get out their iPhones and snap away, knowing at least there'll be a few memories of us being together.
So, despite the gloom and the damp, the last few days have brought some nice moments and memories to store away.
Life ain't so bad, really.

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